4 raisons de faire ses propres fromages frais maison ! | U MAIN kits

4 reasons to make your own homemade fresh cheeses! | U MAIN kits

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homemade mozzarella cheese

1- It's easy and fun!

Making homemade cheese is very easy. You will only need a few tools, ingredients, and the proper recipes . For example, making homemade ricotta is no more complicated than making a soup and will take you less than 30 minutes! Besides, it's a lot of fun and even if you cheat you'll get cheese. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the experience!

2- It's healthy!

Your homemade fresh cheeses do not contain any preservatives or other synthetic products . Indeed, making fresh cheese at home allows you to know all the ingredients they contain. Citric acid, salt, rennet and lipase in U MAIN kits are non-GMO and gluten-free. In addition, making your homemade cheeses allows you to use organic milk or farm milk!

3- It's economical!

Did you know that fresh industrial mozzarella costs between $25 and $70 per kilo when you buy it at the supermarket? Using U MAIN kits, a kilo of fresh mozzarella will only cost you $10 using common cow's milk or even $16 using organic milk! Make your fresh cheeses with goat's milk for only $23 per kilo. So many possibilities are available to you!

4- It's delicious!

Eating freshly made cheese is a delight. Your taste buds will discover the true taste of mozzarella, ricotta, Indian paneer cheese, Mexican queso blanco , … Moreover, the manufacture of homemade fresh cheese allows you to adjust the flavor according to your own tastes, to add herbs and spices and create your own shapes! Add your homemade fresh cheeses to your favorite dishes and enjoy!

Deluxe 6 Cheese Kit

... and because it feels good!

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Pour le kit de fromage en grain, il sera disponible quand? Et avez vous du fermant lactique?

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