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Kits U MAIN, a local company from Quebec located in Montreal, makes you discover a little more about mozzarella!
Mozzarella is a cheese that, like many cheeses, was discovered by accident! Indeed, the first mozzarella was created one day, when curdled milk unexpectedly fell into a bucket of hot water.
rotten milk
It was then the monks of San Lorenzo di Capua, in Italy, who perpetuated this happy mistake. Mozzarella was originally made from goat's milk until buffaloes were introduced to the Naples region. They then used the rich milk of this animal to make this delicious cheese!
a buffalo
In North America, nowadays, mozzarella is made mainly with cow's milk or with goat's milk. It can easily be done in 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is possible to make it using a microwave oven or with simple traditional stretching techniques. It is a succulent cheese used in many dishes and all over the world.
Its shape is usually spherical, but it can also be braided. Its dough is pressed, spun and fresh. She has no crust. The flavor is sweet and creamy. The dough is elastic. Mozzarella melts when heated to a high enough temperature. It is for this characteristic that it is used on dishes such as pizza or lasagna. Mozzarella is also eaten cold, often accompanied by tomatoes, basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.
Different shapes of mozzarella
Its manufacture involves a few steps:
- Heat the milk and make it curd using an acidifier
- Add coagulant
- Remove from heat and separate the curds from the whey
- Heat the curd again and stretch it. It is this last step that transforms the curd into mozzarella.
The strong industrialization of our food has led us to believe that it is very complex to prepare food that was originally prepared by hand. Mozzarella is also one of these foods. That's why U MAIN has developed a simple, easy-to-follow technique to make your own fresh mozzarella at home in less than an hour.
Try the experiment with our kits containing all the ingredients, instruments and instructions. You will be able to taste the difference between a fresh cheese prepared at home containing no preservatives and that offered by the food industry. The ease of its manufacture will leave you speechless and its taste amazed.
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