Ce Noël, offrez une expérience

This Christmas, give an experience

Experiences enrich the present, mark our memories and shape our future.
The objects that abound in our homes offer us comfort, convenience, and a sense of pride and satisfaction, but temporarily, without transcending time.

This is why our mission is not only to re-humanize our relationship with food by involving our hands in the manufacturing process, but also to offer new experiences that will accompany you through time.
Indeed, cooking with those you love offers you a privileged moment and allows you to forge even closer ties, to discover new facets of your loved ones because you will make discoveries together.
Making your own artisanal cheese is like going on an adventure... but in the comfort of your own kitchen and with delicious results. It's a perfect moment of bonding.

In reality, when you give a kit to make artisanal cheese as a gift, you offer beautiful emotions, this feeling of achievement, a lot of pleasure and oh so much pride!
Imagine the effect at the table, when you bring your homemade cheese and say, we made it.

It means much more to do it yourself.

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