Fabriquer du fromage en famille

Make cheese as a family

It's simple.

Making cheese at home is really fun and the ones who marvel the most are the children.
Indeed, children are curious.
If we give them the opportunity, they will be happy to understand the origin of a food, to be involved in its preparation and we will tell each other... especially to taste!

In recent years, we have received many testimonials from moms who tell us of the pride of their little ones after making their first homemade ricotta, mozzarella or cheese curds.
And it's unanimous, the best poutine is the one we make,
together, from A to Z.

And with our cheese making kits at home , we make it easy for you to start this culinary adventure together.

All our kits allow the production of many cheeses.
They include ingredients, instruments and recipes. There is just the milk to add (milk that can be bought at the grocery store or at the convenience store there).
If you too want to do an enriching and delicious activity with your family like thousands of other people in Quebec, click here:

I would like to make my cheese as a family.

If you want to make your homemade cheese curds, it's right here:

I would like to make my cheese curds!

And if not, here we tell you the adventure of Eve, a secondary 5 student whom we accompanied in the manufacture of her delicious mozzarella di bufala:

Mozzarella di bufala - Eve's experience

U MAIN , much more than kits for making cheese at home.

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