Mozzarella di bufala  - l'expérience d'Ève

Mozzarella di bufala - Eve's experience

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A few months ago, we received an email from Eve.
Ève is a secondary 5 student and is passionate about cooking. She decided for her school project to make her own homemade mozzarella.
So she asked us for our help in her culinary mission. Of course, we agreed to answer her questions and guide her so that she succeeds in making her first artisanal cheese.
We therefore set up a telephone meeting during which she asked us several questions concerning the manufacturing techniques in order to be able to produce the best mozzarella possible in terms of texture, shape and taste.
She also made the decision to make her first mozzarella from buffalo milk (traditionally, mozzarella is made from this type of milk). She contacted a farm to get this milk and based on her research and our advice, she started making it.

A few weeks later, Ève contacted us again to share her experience with us. Here it is in his own words:
"Good evening !
I wanted to give you a feedback on my project. I did indeed go to get the buffaloes' milk. It was a very rewarding visit. As for the mozzarella, I made three attempts, always with your recipe and buffalo milk, and it was a success. I am very happy with the final result and I look forward to perfecting my techniques in the future with cow's milk.
Thank you once again for supporting me in this great project that is important to me. You have been a great help! Here are some pictures of my adventure.

We are very proud of Ève and her great success in making mozzarella cheese from buffalo milk! A big congratulations!
It was a great pleasure to support a young woman in her efforts to further her culinary knowledge. We are sure that the future holds many delicious foods, cook with care, discoveries and successes in all the projects that she will undertake.

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1 comment

Annie Lessard
Annie Lessard

Un superbe projet! Quand on a l’intérêt et qu’on s’investit dans nos projets, on arrive à la réussite.

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