Ricotta maison et herbes fraîches du jardin - un incontournable

Homemade ricotta and fresh herbs from the garden - a must

For the next few hot days, making tasty ricotta is ideal as it comes together quickly in your kitchen.

You can make it repeatedly and at low cost with our 4 cheese kit .
Then, you can decorate it with fresh herbs from your garden.
Here are some ideas to inspire you:
- Add a handful of chopped fresh basil and a few nasturtiums to decorate
- Sprinkle it with a few leaves of chopped rosemary and thyme
- enhance it with grilled, seeded and diced jalapeño

- for dessert, flavor your ricotta with a hint of lavender, orange blossom water and maple syrup.

We can't wait to discover your summer cheeses seasoned with fresh herbs! Send us photos at info@u-main.ca or tag us on instagram: @umainkits

It means more to do it yourself

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