Utilisation du lait cru avec les kits U MAIN

Use of raw milk with U MAIN kits

Unfortunately, the transportation and sale of raw milk is not permitted in Quebec.
However, maybe some of you have a dairy farm and therefore access to raw milk? If so, it is quite possible to make your cheese for personal consumption with our kits using raw milk. The result will be tasty and fantastic, provided you follow certain indications:

1 - Skim the milk

We recommend first skimming the milk a little by letting it rest overnight in the refrigerator in a fairly large basin, then removing the layer of fat that will have formed on top.

2 - Pasteurize

For making ricotta, queso blanco and paneer and yogurt, you do not need to pasteurize your milk before making because it will pasteurize through the process.

For the production of mozzarella, fresh cheese (mini kit), halloumi, cheese curds and feta, it is recommended to heat your milk at 72ºC for 15 seconds to pasteurize it and to cool it before starting production. of your cheese.

3 - Integrate milk fat during production

At the beginning of your production, before adding the rennet, you will have to make upward movements using a large spoon, preferably pierced, to reintegrate the fat into your milk and prevent it from floating around. the surface.

Note :

For cheese curds, halloumi and feta, you won't need to add calcium chloride as it is an ingredient that raw milk naturally contains and this type of pasteurization does not alter as much.

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