270 students from Laval University will work on! | U MAIN kits

U MAIN has received good news!

Caroline Girard, a teacher from Laval University, today requested the cooperation of U MAIN so that her marketing students work on a real and promising business project. During the winter of 2015, 270 students will develop a marketing plan for U MAIN and its innovative products throughout the semester!
In addition to having the objective of re-humanizing our relationship with food by involving our own hands in its production, U MAIN is very happy to be able to participate in the training of students while making them aware of U MAIN values! We are very grateful for so much enthusiasm around the project and the stimulating and inspiring future participation of these many students! U MAIN thanks Caroline Girard and Simon Chartier for believing in our project and leading it to develop further!

We take this opportunity to thank all those who share the vision of U MAIN!

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