About Us

Today's world has forced us to look for alternatives. We have decided to re-adapt older more U MAINes practices to make some of our food and body care products. These practices turn out to be less expensive, eco-responsible, autonomous and supportive.
U MAIN is a project that aims precisely to re-humanize our relationship to food by involving our own hands in its production, transforming this fundamental part of our lives into a more natural and satisfying element.
U MAIN starts making their homemade cheese kits with their own hands with love in the city of Montreal in 2015. Many more will follow!
U MAIN has a vision of sustainable and ethical development. Among other things, we have established a partnership with Main Forte, an organization in our neighborhood for part of the packaging of our kits. To find out more, it's here !
We are also U MAINs: Pascale and Max, a couple from Quebec and a Mexican who met in Bolivia in 2009. Looking forward to offering you our little alternative products!

Photo credit: La Pincée