Labneh maison

Labneh house

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The labneh, delicious and so fresh. Coming from the Levant, we love it in Lebanon and here in Quebec on pita breads with olive oil and zaatar.
What is most surprising about labneh is the simplicity of its manufacture, because this cheese comes from yogurt! It originally comes from goat's milk yogurt, but you can also enjoy it from cow's milk yogurt.
U MAIN shares today its technique to make its own homemade labneh. It will only take 5 minutes of manipulation and a little patience!

Homemade Labneh Recipe:


- 500 grams of plain Greek yogurt from cow's milk and 500 grams of plain Greek yogurt from goat's milk.
It is possible to use only cow's milk.
- Pinch of salt
* To make your labneh from homemade yogurt, it's here !


- 1 cheese cloth
- 1 wooden spoon
- 1 mixing bowl
- 1 deep bowl or cauldron that fits in your fridge


- In a bowl, mix the 2 yogurts. Add the pinch of salt and mix again.
- Put the yogurt in the cheesecloth. Make a knot with the ends of the fabric by hanging it on the wooden spoon. Place the wooden spoon over the deep cauldron. The yogurt should now hang in the air.
- Place this structure in the refrigerator. Whey will come out of it. Keep it, it has plenty of uses ! Let the yogurt drain for 24 to 48 hours depending on the desired texture. The longer the yogurt is drained, the more compact and dry it will be.
And There you go ! Enjoy labneh with olive oil on pita bread and zaatar or in a sandwich.
It will keep for 2-3 days in the fridge. To keep it longer, shape balls of labneh and place them in a jar. Cover the balls with grapeseed oil. Close and put in the fridge. It will keep for over a week.

Enjoy your food !

U MAIN, much more than kits for making homemade cheese.

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je déconseille l’huile d’olive; elle fige au réfrigérateur.

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